When DLR Group approached us to redesign their website they had a long list of features in mind. Their new site had to be unique, and clean. It had to showcase employees and present the thought leadership within the company to the public. It had to represent all the complexity and process of their projects through a variety of media. It must incorporate a blog, personal profiles, office location pages, and PR efforts. It had to do all these things with confidence, flair, a little bit of wonder. And it had to be fully responsive.

Building a Working Relationship

Architects have vision. To help DLR Group realize their vision, I worked closely with their creative and content leads to create a responsive site to meet all their needs.

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One of the key benefits of this site is that it allows DLR Group to showcase their work with big, beautiful imagery. This applies site-wide, but it is most emphasized in the Project pages. In addition to standard large marquee shots, we built a modular content system which allows DLR Group flexibility in the layout and content of their project descriptions.

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