Homebrewers Like to Look Professional.

One cold winter’s day,I was looking for a challenge. I decided to put a post in the Reddit Homebrewer’s forum. In this post I offered to make brewery logos for any takers. As a homebrewer myself, I know most homebrewers want their beer to be appealing. A nice logo, even on the corner of a handwritten label is more appealing than mysterious blank bottle any day. I took the first 5 people to reply, and got to work on their direction.

Whitcomb Bros.

This user brewed with their brother. His vision was clear: he wanted the family crest, with hop vines. I tweaked the elements a little use some vintage structure, with a modern look.

Dog Sled Brewing

These guys had a mark already designed, but wanted it polished. I took the original mark, a dog and a mountain peak, and redrew and expanded on it. Then I presented them a totally different take, focusing on a more iconic drawing of a dogsled. They loved both, preferring my take.

Fundamental Force

Passing on pictures from the Hubble telescope, this user wanted a mark that was scientific. We discussed some options, and I came to find out he was a fan of science fiction as well. The marks are influenced by different sci-fi styles, and retain the starry visuals.


This user liked the idea of using a rubin vase illusion as a mark. Diving a little deeper, I found he enjoyed psychedelic experiences. This led me to explore marks where things aren’t as reliably solid as they seem.

Fenix Brewhouse

This user told me his brewing setup name came from his old Starcraft multiplayer handle. Aside from that, he also told me of his love for hockey. These marks are iconic takes on both of those interests.

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